Söz-Müzik: Demir Demirkan
Düzenleme: İskender Paydaş
Produced and arraged by Iskender Paydas. Recorded and mixed by Caglar Turken at Imaj Studios, Istanbul programming & keyboards by Iskender Paydas, 12 String Guitar by Can Sengun Acoustic Guitar by Demir Demirkan, strings by Gundem Yayli Grubu Turkish Percessions by Mehmet Akatay assistant engineering by Mehmet Unal vocal production by Tina Harris & Iskender Paydas

Morning sun shines into my room
The room you’ve just walked out for the first time
Still I’m filled with the scent of your skin
I hear your baby talk in my mind
I wonder am i in your mind

A night just a night
Only a few hours
How can it change my whole life
A man just a man
Known him a few hours
How can he fill my whole heart ever craving
Is he the one
I’ve been waiting for

I’m too proud to call you on the phone
And you are a man, and I know a men forget easily
I hope not that easily

The one I’ve been waiting for
I’ve been waiting for
I’ve been waiting for
I’ve been waiting