Söz-Müzik: Josh Schwartz, Brian Kierulf
Düzenleme: Josh Schwartz, Brian Kierulf
Published by: Zomba Songs Inc./ Mugsy Boy publishing/Kierulf Songs (Administered By Zomba Songs Inc.) (BmI) Produced by Brian & Josh For Kns Productions, inc.

Recorded and Mixed at Kns Studios Nyc by Brian & Josh Vocals Recorded by Iskender Paydas at Imaj Studios, Istanbul,Turkey

Programming & Keyboards: Brian Kierulf Guitars: Brian Kierulf Background Vocals: Jennifer Karr

Additional Vocals: Josh Schwartz Vocal Coaching by Tina Harris

Oh what’s the remedy,
It’s obvious that your checking me
What’s the possibility, oh oh

That we could get it hot like fire,
If we could just play for a while
Oh baby make a girl go wild, oh oh

You’re on my vibeology
It drains all my energy
Tell me what it will be

Every time you’re close to me
I can’t find the room to breathe
This is what I need
‘Cuz tohingt you got me like oh!
I need to feel you all around
That’s all I desire now
You got me like oh oh
You got me like oh oh

Oh now, now what is this
From my toes to my finger tips
Make it quick for me to get my fix, oh oh

All shook up, by the way I feel
Got me stuck, don’t know how to deal
It’s hard for me to conceal oh oh

You’re on my vibeology,
It drains all my energy
Tell me what it will be

Don’t let it stop, don’t make me wait
Boy make it hot, got me like oh
Hands on my hips, feelin’ your way
Baby your kiss, got me like oh