Söz: Demir Demirkan
Müzik: Demir Demirkan, Sertab Erener
Düzenleme: Ozan Çolakoğlu
Additional production & remix by Philippe Laurent @ P.H.L. Studios (France).

Additional guitar By Andre Santos.

I feel you’re moving on a different cause
Makin’a way for a distant course
You say you love me and you roll your eyes
Turn to stare at the empty skies

I thought it was over and we passed all that
All we’ve done is to pass back to frame number one
C’mon now now
I wanna show you all again what it would be like
Just let go and let me love you

Every way that i can
I’ll try to make you love me again
Every way that i can
I’ll give you all my love and then
Every way that i can
I’ll cry ; I’ll die and make you mine again

Hold me closer oh so good
You make me feel just like i should
I know whatcha thinkin’ huh-huh good
Now, the rest of the world is overruled

Tell me whatcha see in other girls all around
Come on closer and tell me whatcha don’t find here
Come on now now
I wanna give you everything you’ve been missin’ out
Just let go and let me love you

I’m in love with you
I’ll do all you want me to
Make me wanna huh-huh
Make me wanna huh-huh
Nothing in the world
That could stop me no sir
No no no